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NADA's mission is to advance the use of digitally based services for advertising in Norwegian newspapers and magazines. User-friendly and efficient solutions ease the work involved and contribute to increased advertising volume as well as better results and higher overall quality.

Over the years since it was founded in 1995, NADA has developed a large number of solutions to be used by those who operate in the advertising marketplace, on a number of technical platforms. Today only the internet based services remain in actual use. NADA has worked actively to assemble all relevant services into one net-based product, namely NADAexpress.

In addition NADA works with developing and maintaining standards and recommended procedures.


NADAexpress is the net-based tool of choice for ads to Norwegian newspapers and magazines. It has functionality for ad senders as well as for ad receivers. NADAexpress is for registered users only.

  • — For senders, NADAexpress is a service for preflighting and sending ads in PDF format to Norwegian printed media. The intended users are creative agencies, in-house ad offices, independent ad producers, ad distributors, ... , generally everyone in Norway and abroad who needs to send finished ads to the newspapers and the magazines in Norway. NADAexpress will preflight the ads before they are sent, so that the receivers will get error-free material only. The pages for ad senders are available in English as well as in Norwegian.

  • — From June 2018, NADAexpress offers functionality for color conversion of PDF files. Newspaper PDFs may be color converted into CMYK colors according to ISO 12647-3, which is the international standard for newspaper ads, or they may be converted to gray-levels ("black/white"). These are the kinds of PDF ads that the Norwegian newspapers want. Magazine ads may be color converted into CMYK, based on the ICC profile recommended by the individual magazine.

  • — The NADAexpress color conversion may be used separately or well integrated into the ad sending cycle. The service is intended for those who aren't experts in Photoshop and color conversion in general, and thus need an easy-to-use way of getting the color elements in their newspaper and magazine ads converted to the accepted color space.

  • — For the media, NADAexpress is used as a complete, net-based ad receiver, with functionality for controlling the reception of ads as well as for integrating these into the ad flow in the media.

NADAexpress Web Services

NADAexpress Web Services – NXWS – is a flavor of NADAexpress aimed at ad senders who need automatic ad distribution services. NXWS is not something that is used from a web browser. Instead, it is available as a program-to-program interface. Sending sites that have their own software systems for ad production, may get these to talk directly to NXWS, so that the finished ads can be transferred "automatically" under the control of the users' applications.

The service is aimed at companies and public services that produce large numbers of print ads and need an efficient distribution channel. Typical examples are

  • — Net based "ad generators". Solutions for groups of distributors and shops/dealerships where users create their ads over the Internet using templates and text input.

  • — Applications for text-based ad generating, as for instance ads containing official public announcements.