NADA's cookie policy

Cookies are very small text files that some websites store on your computer when you visit them.

Most NADAexpress pages can be displayed in English as well as in Norwegian. NADAexpress uses a cookie to keep track of the language preferred by each user. This increases the likelihood that a user who prefers the English versions of the pages will get these the next time she or he logs in.

The instance mentioned above is the only way NADAexpress uses cookies.

The new version of the Norwegian law on digital communication, which went into force on 1 July 2013, requires everyone who is responsible for a web site that uses cookies to get the users' consent. Such consent is, however, given implicitly if the site contains sufficient information about the use of cookies and the users still let their browsers accept them. The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority writes on their web site: "From 1 July onwards, all web site owners are required to give explicit and precise information about the extent and purpose of the site's cookie usage."